12 Romero - luxury home for the witch and famous

Just in time for Halloween: a luxury home for the witch and famous in a neighborhood that people are dying to get into! 12 Romero Newport Coast (hmm...that name sounds familiar). ?

Highlights include:

- Convenient cul-de-sac location means only one way in (and out) for the undead.

- Wood shutters keep out putrefying peepers.

- Home office/command center is the perfect place to plan your next zombie assault or watch your favorite YouTube channel ? 

- In the gourmet kitchen, end of days doesn’t mean the end of the epicurean delights! Eat, drink and be scary. 

- Slay by day, unravel at night in the spa-like bedrooms and bathrooms when you’re bone-tired.

Is this listing live or dead? Special thanks to our zombies: Stephanie Walsh, Michelle Micci, and the newest member of the WIRE Associates team, Iliana Tsai! Whether you're looking to buy or sell real estate we'll make sure there's no tricks, only treats! 


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