California Eviction Moratorium is DEAD: Who can be evicted now in California?

The California Eviction Moratorium is dead. October 1, 2021 marks the start of changes to evictions in California (the first eviction moratorium started on 4/6/20!). AB 832 expired on 9/30/21 and we’re here with a guide for California landlords and California tenants on what happens now that the California Eviction Moratorium is over.

✔️ Who can be evicted now that the eviction moratorium is over❓ 

✔️ What forms should California landlords use now that the eviction moratorium is over❓ 

✔️ What should California tenants do to avoid eviction❓ 

✔️ Is it possible the California eviction moratorium could come back❓

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? Text of AB 832, the most recent California eviction moratorium bill ?


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