Can't Pay Rent Due to Coronavirus? Guide for Tenants and Landlords - July 2020

What if tenants won't be able to pay some or all of the rent in July due job loss or income reduction from the COVID-19 pandemic? What can a landlord do for renters who can’t pay rent due to coronavirus? What can a renter do if they can’t pay rent to coronavirus? Is there an eviction moratorium in California? Can there be an eviction in California during the coronavirus pandemic? Here is a guide for tenants and landlords on how to handle a rent delay for the month of July, when the tenant says, “I can’t pay rent.” We also include an update on California unemployment numbers, plus upcoming California legislation for nonpayment of rent due to COVID-19, Assembly Bill 1436 (AB 1436). Be sure to request the latest rent delay agreement form below:

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