Can't pay rent for January 2021? Help for Tenants & Landlords!

Here’s another monthly update if you can’t pay rent for January 2021. In our last “Can’t Pay Rent” update for December 2020 we were very pessimistic because the CDC Eviction Moratorium and CARES Act funds were scheduled to end on 12/31/20, but we’re more optimistic about January 2021 now that the COVID-19 Relief Package has passed! And we’ll share why!

What can a renter do if they can’t pay rent due to coronavirus? This update is for tenants and landlords across the nation, not just California tenants and California landlords. Learn this and more, if you can’t pay rent for January 2021:

➡️ Where can tenants and landlords find additional sources of money to help pay for rent❓
➡️ What unprecedented assistance does the COVID-19 Relief Package have for tenants and landlords❓
➡️ What is the latest status on the CDC Eviction Moratorium and California's AB 3088❓
➡️ Where can tenants and landlords turn for emergency assistance❓
➡️ What is 211❓
➡️ What should a tenant do if a landlord gives a legal notice or eviction

We’ll keep these monthly updates coming as long as landlords and tenants need them!

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00:00 WIRE Associates Intro from Christian Walsh
01:09 Money for tenants and landlords - Relief Package Update
03:19 Unprecedented assistance for tenants and landlords
04:12 Eviction Update - CDC and AB 3088
05:48 Emergency help for tenants and landlords
07:30 A few more tips for tenants and landlords

Full text of Stimulus Package - help

Emergency Bans on Evictions and Other Tenant Protections Related to Coronavirus - 

211 Assistance - 211

Where to find free legal assistance for evictions: Guide for tenants and landlords - 

AB 3088 Playlist - California Eviction Moratorium: ab3088

California - AB 3088 - Declaration of the COVID-19-related Financial Distress and Notice of Demand for Payment of Rent & Notices from AOA - 

EIDL application link: eidl

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