Can’t Pay Rent - Help for Tenants & Landlords in May 2021!

Can’t pay rent for May 2021? Looking for emergency rental assistance programs and sources for free rent money for tenants and landlords? Now that the American Rescue Plan has passed, we’re more optimistic about the real estate market 2021! What you need to know as a tenant or landlord, if you can’t pay rent for May 2021:

✔️ Where can tenants and landlords find additional sources of money❓
✔️ What rent assistance does the American Rescue Plan have for tenants and landlords❓
✔️ Will the CDC Eviction Moratorium and California’s SB 91 be extended❓
✔️ Where can tenants and landlords turn for emergency rental assistance❓
✔️ Is emergency rental assistance considered public charge❓
✔️ Where have you seen rent assistance programs❓ Please share!

We’ll keep these monthly updates coming as long as landlords and tenants need them! We’re here for help for landlords whose tenants can’t pay and tenants who can’t pay rent during coronavirus!

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? 211 Assistance ? 

? Free or low cost legal assistance ? 

? SB 91 Playlist - California Eviction Moratorium ? 

? EIDL application link ? 

? National Low Income Housing Coalition ? 

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