Eviction moratorium extension 2021? SB91 & CDC Eviction Moratorium

The end of June 2021 is a big deadline for the CDC Eviction Moratorium and California’s Eviction Moratorium, SB91. Will there be an eviction moratorium extension? We give our predictions for the eviction moratorium extension, plus answer this and more:

✔️ What to do if there isn’t a CDC Eviction Moratorium extension❓ 
✔️ Can you be evicted in California during pandemic❓
✔️ What does SB 91 do in California for an eviction moratorium❓
✔️ In California, what is the 75%/25% and 80%/20% mean❓

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Links we discuss in the video:

? National Low Income Housing Coalition ?  - database of rental assistance resources

? Free or low cost legal assistance ? 

? SB 91 Playlist - California Eviction Moratorium ? 

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