Free tool for ADU and SB 9 Due Diligence in California - - Part 1

Of course you’re interested in figuring out whether your lot would be a candidate for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and/or SB 9. Who isn’t these days?! What if there was a free and easy to use online tool that could help with the due diligence for an ADU and SB 9? Well there is and it’s called and we’ve been using it behind the scenes with all the property owners across California who have been calling us! In this video (part 1), we’ll give you a quick walkthrough on how to use this tool by showing you several different parcels and addresses (properties that we have sold as real estate agents) as examples. Make sure you subscribe for future content where we take a look at more advanced features and interview co-creator and CEO, Leila Banijamali!

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