Have YOU heard about the rent lock? Southern California Rental Market Report!

You’ve been hearing the headlines that rents are dropping, but is that what we’re seeing in SoCal? Plus what is “rent lock?” It’s time for another Southern California Rental Market Report where we’ll dive into the rental numbers for Orange County, LA, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and San Diego. We’ll cover the number of properties that rented last month AND the median rental rates all broken down by unit type…this is THE #1 rental market report for Southern California! 

 Southern California Rental Market Report

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#1 By ROBIN at 11/5/2023 7:54 PM

Really Appreciate you Christian being on You Tube! My Landlords want me out by the End of the year of 2023. It was not a legal document that it was stated in from them, It was in my Rent 10% Increase 8-2022 document without a new lease written. The original lease was written 4-2019. I have read the AB1482 You Tube info by you, yet never received

an AB1482 document from Landlord for the one apartment within a 4-plex in California. I'm now more aware only since I started doing my own research and finding your You tube on AB1482! Thank you So Much! Happy Holidays

#2 By Christian Walsh at 11/8/2023 0:14 PM

Glad to help, Robin!

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