How to crash the real estate market 2021? How it happened in 2008 - Part 1

This is Part 1! How do you get real estate price drops of 40% - 60%? We’ll show you how to crash a real estate market! People were curious: Will the housing market crash in 2020? It’s too late for that now, but will the housing market crash in 2021? The real question: what will it take for a housing market to crash in 2021 and cause real estate prices to drop in 2021?

We take a look at the biggest market crash and discuss lessons from 2008, the last bust. Topics we cover include:

➡️ Exactly how much extra inventory is needed❓
➡️ What needs to happen to mortgages and the availability of financing❓
➡️ How does consumer confidence play a role❓

We can’t wait to show you how to crash a real estate market and get prices to drop by 40%, 50% or more!

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Historical mortgage origination data from Mortgage Bankers Association - Excel Download - rates

Consumer Confidence Index from the Conference Board - (click on chart on the right side of the page) - 

Historical construction data from U.S. Census - units completed - 

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