Is now a good time to buy a house? Don’t buy now...unless

Don’t even think about buying a home now unless you can say yes to all 5 of these things we cover! During these crazy days (especially in the California housing market in our wild SoCal real estate market) a lot of people are asking these important questions:

➡️ Should I buy now or wait❓

➡️ Is now a good time to buy a house❓

Let me translate what they’re really asking: Will the market crash and values plummet❓ Am I paying too much if I buy now❓ Will real estate values drop and I can get something better in the future if I wait❓ Is the entire economy going to implode❓ Is the real estate market about to crash in a ball of flames❓

We understand why people are worried about whether now is a good time to buy a house. We share our informed opinion on the housing market 2020 and we share...including advice from what happened during the last housing market crash. Want to avoid the multiple offer roller coaster? We’ll also share another buying opportunity to avoid the crazy housing market 2020!

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00:00 WIRE Associates intro from Christian Walsh
01:04 Multiple Offer Roller Coaster
02:26 Enough $$$ 04:02 Seven to Ten
05:34 Hire a Good Lender
06:31 Hire a Good Agent
07:42 Is now a good time to buy a house?
12:48 Another Buying Opportunity

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