Is the Luxury Real Estate Market Crashing for your OC Mansion?

Is the luxury market crashing in Orange County? In our last video, the Orange County real estate market update with the latest Orange County housing prices and statistics for June 2020, we established that June was a great month for Orange County housing. But does this mean that all price ranges - including OC mansions and luxury condos in Orange County - are experiencing the same increase? What is the latest Orange County luxury real estate news for your California mansion? Are luxury homes selling as fast as other Orange County real estate? We answer your Orange County luxury housing market questions!

At the end of the video, we discuss what to expect in July and how this could change consumer confidence and ultimately lead to a change for buying and selling Orange County real estate including a change in Orange County real estate prices for luxury OC real estate. Plus as a bonus, we’ll show you the listing for the most expensive house in Orange County!

Keep tuning in for the OC housing market updates for July 2020, we will be closely tracking the trends for the Orange County real estate market to see the trajectory for OC home sales, including OC mansions and luxury condos in Orange County. 

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