LA City Eviction Moratorium - Can Landlords evict in LA City?

You’ve asked and it’s finally here: a guide for tenants and landlords to the LA City Eviction Moratorium. We cover the eviction protections for renters in LA City, plus share the big differences between the LA City Eviction Moratorium and the LA County Eviction Moratorium. We cover this and much more:

✔️ Can a landlord in LA City evict for owner move in❓
✔️ When does the LA City Eviction Moratorium end❓
✔️ How do I know if a property is in LA City❓
✔️ Can a landlord raise rent in LA City❓

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Links we discuss in the video:

? LA Housing Department - Renter Protections ? 

? COVID-19 Renter Protections Fact Sheet ? 

? LA City Ordinance #186086 ? 

? LA City - ZIMAS ?  

? File complaint for illegal eviction ?  

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