Moratorium Over! 60 Notice to Vacate - Notice to Terminate Tenancy for tenants and landlords

Now that the California Eviction Moratorium is over it means big changes for California landlords and California tenants when it comes to ending tenancies. This guide for California landlords and California tenants explains the newest version of the Notice to Terminate Tenancy, also called 60 day notice to vacate. We run through a sample of a 60 day Notice to Vacate for California that applies after the California eviction moratorium has ended. We answer this and more:

✔️ What does a Notice to Terminate Tenancy in California need to include to be valid❓
✔️ What are the reasons that a California landlord can terminate a tenancy now that the eviction moratorium is over❓
✔️ What should a California tenant look for on a 60 Day Notice from a landlord❓
✔️ How should a 60 day notice to vacate be delivered to a California tenant❓
✔️ Where can a California landlord find a 60 day notice to vacate❓

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