OC, Riverside, LA Housing Market Update with Foreclosure Data - 2020 - Wrap Up!

We made it to the end of the housing market 2020! How did the Southern California housing market do? Here’s your Orange County real estate market update, Los Angeles real estate market news and Riverside real estate market update now that we wrapped up 2020. We include foreclosure data for LA, OC, Riverside and San Diego. And stick around to the very end for a visit from a special guest!

Topics we cover and more:

➡️ Did the housing market 2020 meet or beat expectations for single family and multifamily real estate❓
➡️ What headwinds and tailwinds are there going into the real estate market 2021❓
➡️ How do foreclosures in 2020 compare to years past❓
➡️ How do SoCal median home prices compare❓
➡️ What can we expect for the real estate market 2021❓

This summary of housing market 2020 sales data includes a comparison between the LA median home price, San Diego median house price, OC median house price and Riverside median home price. We also cover the sales number for Orange County multifamily real estate, Los Angeles multifamily real estate and Riverside multifamily real estate (duplexes, triplexes, 4plexes, 5+ units). 

Now is the time to start tracking the California foreclosure statistics for Los Angeles foreclosures, OC foreclosures, Riverside foreclosures and San Diego foreclosures. And don’t forget that we have a free foreclosure list that you can sign up for below if you’re looking for foreclosure homes in Los Angeles foreclosure homes, OC REO homes and Riverside foreclosures.

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Median Home Price Chart

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