Orange County Housing Market Update - Final Recap of May 2020

Here’s your Orange County real estate market update with the latest Orange County housing prices now that May 2020 final housing sales numbers are in. What is the latest Orange County real estate news? Are prices going down in Orange County? Is the number of OC homes for sale going up or down? We answer all your burning Orange County housing market questions!

At the end of the video, we reveal the trend in Orange County housing market data that we’re watching closely...if OC housing keeps heading this way things will look very different for buying and selling Orange County real estate including a change in Orange County real estate prices. Tune in next week for the OC housing update for June 2020 - when we look at the data from half of June to see the trajectory for OC home sales. Below is an Orange County median home price chart for the month of May (amongst other charts)...sign up here to subscribe to the emil newsletter, if you haven't already...


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