Orange County Housing Market Update - mid-July 2020

Here’s your Orange County real estate market update with the latest Orange County housing news now that we are halfway through July 2020. How is the recovery in the Orange County real estate market? Are OC housing prices losing steam? What is the trajectory for real estate prices in Orange County? You won’t believe the numbers for new escrows in OC real estate halfway through July 2020! 

Stick around to the end where we reveal the housing market trend for Orange County homes and what this means for Orange County housing prices if you're thinking of buying or selling Orange County real estate! And how will record low interest rates play into the OC housing market? 

We’re also watching the OC housing market very closely to see the most recent effects of coronavirus case increases and the reclosure of indoor operations on 7/13. Don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter to get all the latest Orange County housing market data...sign up below!

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