Prop 19 Explained - California Property Tax Exemption Age 55 - Update

Updated video on Prop 19! California sellers and California buyers are about to save big money on California property taxes with the California property tax exemption for seniors! Proposition 19, aka the California property tax transfer initiative 2020, is in effect on April 1st, 2021 for buying and selling California real estate and includes a California property tax exemption for age 55 plus!

We have answers to come big questions on Proposition 19: 

✔️ Proposition 19 explained❗
✔️ Do I have to wait until April 1st to buy and sell for Prop 19❓
✔️ How are Proposition 19 and Prop 13 related❓
✔️ Who is eligible to use Prop 19❓
✔️ Buy or sell first for Prop 19❓
✔️ What if I transferred tax basis once already under Prop 60/90❓
✔️ How much can the replacement property be for Proposition 19❓
✔️ How many times can you transfer your property tax basis with Prop 19❓
✔️ Is there a limit to the price of the new property under Proposition 19❓
✔️ Which properties qualify for Prop 19❓

Stick around to the end where we discuss a hot strategy for the California property tax exemption for seniors in today’s crazy market!

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?Prop 19 questions? Board of Equalization answers FAQ ? 

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