Proposition 15 Explained! What are Proposition 15 Pros and Cons?

California Proposition 15 explained in this video! Here’s a runthrough on one of the important real estate related California ballot initiatives for 2020 - Proposition 15, subtitled: Increases Funding Sources For Public Schools, Community Colleges, And Local Government Services By Changing Tax Assessment Of Commercial And Industrial Property. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

You’ll get these answers:

➡️ What does Proposition 15 say?
➡️ What is Prop 13 and how does Proposition 15 change it? We use Warren Buffett’s Laguna Beach home as an example!
➡️ How much money will Prop 15 generate and where do the Proposition 15 funds go?
➡️ Who actually pays the property taxes on commercial buildings? You’ll be surprised!
➡️ What a Proposition 15 yes or no vote means
➡️ Proposition 15 pros and cons

Make sure you vote by November 3rd!

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