The California Rental Assistance Program is ending! Is help for California landlords and tenants over?

The California Rental Assistance Program through is officially ending. We discuss what to do before the deadline and what happens next for California landlords and California tenants. Plus, stick around to the end for a hot tip for the California Rental Assistance Program from a subscriber who got paid!

✔️ What is the last date to apply for California rental assistance funds through❓
✔️ How much money has been distributed through for rental assistance❓
✔️ What happens next for California tenants and landlords on April 1st, 2022❓

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Links we discuss in the video:
 ?California Rental Assistance Program ?Housing is Key

? California Rental Assistance Dashboard ? Housing is Key

? Analysis by National Equity Atlas on how is doing ? national

?Hot tip for info on California Rental Assistance Program (use at your own risk) ? reddit 


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