What are Zombie Foreclosures? How to hunt for Zombie Foreclosures! ??

Yes, Zombie Foreclosures are a real thing and here is the latest update! ? While this is a special Halloween Edition, you’ll need to know about Zombie Foreclosures all year round! We answer the big questions: 

➡️ What are Zombie Foreclosures❓ 
➡️ How is Shadow Inventory different from a Zombie Foreclosure❓
➡️ How do I hunt for Zombie Foreclosures❓

We’ll show you where to find Zombie  Foreclosures, i.e. how to tell if a foreclosure is a Zombie Foreclosure or a regular foreclosure. We’ll also share two great services for tracking Zombie Foreclosures, plus show you current LA foreclosure and OC foreclosure numbers and explain why these foreclosure numbers are so scary!

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