What is California SB 9? SB 9 Explained - Lot Split and Duplex Conversion!

SB 9 has just changed single family zoning in California! We explain the two different parts of California SB 9: lot split and duplex conversion. We also show how the lot split and duplex conversion in SB 9 can be combined to add up to 4 units to a single family zoned lot. We cover this and more on SB 9:

✔️ Which properties are eligible for SB 9❓
✔️ Can SB 9 units be rented❓
✔️ Do any of the SB 9 units need to be owner occupied and when is a 3 year owner occupied affidavit required❓
✔️ How many SB 9 lot splits can be done❓

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Links we discuss in the video:

? Text of SB 9 ? 

? Projections on the effects of SB 9 from the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley ?  

? Great summary of SB 9 by attorneys at Best Best & Krieger LLP ? Attorney

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