Where to find free legal assistance for evictions: Guide for tenants and landlords

Subscribers and clients often call or message looking for an attorney for landlord tenant issues or free legal advice on eviction. As we’ve said before and will continue to say, “we can’t give tax or legal advice.” This video is a guide for tenants and landlords and details how to find pro bono lawyers for tenants and an eviction lawyer for landlords. But first we give landlords and tenants 5 things needed before starting the search for legal advice on evictions.

For tenants, there are many resources for pro bono lawyers for tenants and free legal aid for evictions. You may be wondering, “where can I find free tenant lawyer advice?” We tell you where to find free tenant lawyer advice and give you an important hot tip when the landlord has hired an eviction lawyer.

For landlords, a successful unlawful detainer in California (eviction) should not be DIY. Whether you’re looking for an eviction lawyer in Los Angeles, an eviction lawyer in Orange County or an eviction lawyer anywhere in California, we tell you where to start the search.

Stick around to the end, where we share the important things a landlord cannot do while evicting a tenant even if they have an attorney for landlord tenant issues.

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