Will the housing market crash from an eviction wave? Our response to “Eviction Surge” video

Is there about to be a housing market crash due to a wave of evictions? That’s what another YouTube video claims. We are real estate agents with one of the top channels on the various eviction moratoria and we’ve been helping tenants and landlords since the beginning of COVID, but this was news to us! Using that video’s same sources and data we answer this and more:

✔️ How many renters aren’t paying❓

✔️ Why are rents so high❓

✔️ Did the CDC Eviction Moratorium cause less rental inventory❓

✔️ Will there be a wave of evictions that can crash the market?❓

✔️ Would a wave of evictions crash rents❓

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Links we discuss in the video:

? Rent Payment Tracker ? 

?Rental Market Update including Occupancy from Realpage ? 

?The Eviction Lab ? 

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