Zillow Offers is dead, opportunity for buyers in this tight housing market

Zillow Offers is dead...and it’s only been a little over a week since our video on the “pause” that Zillow Offers was taking! In that video, we asked if Zillow Offers was gearing up or giving up...looks like we have our answer from the Q3 shareholders report! Here’s our Zillow Offers mea culpa, plus we discuss the potential opportunity for Southern California buyers in this tight inventory housing market. We cover this and more:

✔️ Was the end of Zillow Offers obvious or logical, does the ibuying model make sense❓
✔️ Besides, Zestimates, what else is undermined by the CEO claim of “unpredictable values”❓
✔️ Why is it unlikely that hedge funds will buy up Zillow properties in the OC and LA Southern California real estate market❓
✔️ How can a home buyer tap into the Southern California real estate that Zillow still has to sell, even if not listed❓
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