LA City Renter Protections

Are you a landlord or renter in LA City? You need to know about the LA City Renter Protections! 

Download the LA City Renter Protections Notice - all rental properties in LA City are required to have this posted. And, yes, this includes single family homes and condos. You’ll also need to include a copy of this with any new leases or lease renewals.

Be sure to check out these videos below to learn more about how LA City Renter Protections impact you!

LA City Renter Protections

REQUIRED! LA City Renter Protections Notice - Guide for Landlords and Tenants
Attention all LA City renters and LA City Landlords! There is a new required notice for ALL residential rental units in LA City ?? LA City Renter Protections Notice! Get your answers here ?? How do I know if a property is in LA City? ?? Where do I get the latest version of the LA City Renter Protections Notice? ?? Who is supposed to get the LA City Renter Protections Notice? ?? What does the LA City Renter Protections Notice say? ?? What happens if a landlord doesn’t give the LA City Renter Protectio
NEW! LA City Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance - Landlords owe money!
While the LA City Eviction Moratorium is over, LA City has passed NEW permanent renter protections that will affect almost every rental property in LA City! In this guide for LA City and renters and landlords, we discuss the LA City Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance. Practically every landlord in LA City will now owe tenants relocation assistance! Links we discuss in the video: ?? LA City Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance ?? ?
Yes, MORE NEW LA City Renter Protections!
We discuss two more LA City Renter Protections in this guide for LA City and renters and landlords. Landlords won’t be able to evict for non-payment of rent until an LA City tenant is behind at least this much $$$! Relocation Assistance for Economic Displacement - if an LA City landlord gives a large enough rent increase and the tenant decides to move out, then the landlord will now owe relocation assistance to the tenant! Links we discuss in the video: ?? LA City Relocation Assistance for Economic
50,000 LA City EVICTION Notices sent! LA City Tsunami Eviction?
The eviction notice data was just released by LA City Controller, Ken Mejia, and it shows 50,000 eviction notices being sent out to tenants. Does this mean that 50,000 individuals and families will be out on the street? In this guide for tenants and landlords, we dive into the numbers and give context to the eviction notices…we know that these numbers will be misunderstood and misused! ?? Join thousands of others in subscribing to the WIRE Associates weekly newsletter to get the latest housing market data

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